Monday, September 28, 2009

Jantikalu or Muruku

Decided to make this as a part of the September Indian Cooking Challenge

Here's the recipe

Followed the recipe, but took half the quantities.. Washed and shade dried both the rice and the urad dal, as the dal was not so clean.. Then.. roasted it.. cooled and ground into a fine powder. The grinding took a lot of time and was very noisy :(
Then, made the dough as instructed. After that, took help from my mom in law to operate the chakli press.. and once fried, it turned out reasonably good for a first timer :)
Fried just some of it, and refridgerated the remaining dough..
Will make it again tomorrow, with the remaining dough. adding to it some red chilli powder

This is the roasted rice and urad dal

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy B'day Ash!

It's Ash's bday today (27 Sep).. She's our Lebouffe team member with the real love for cuisines, specially Italian, and prepares yummy Pasta, soups and mocktails!!

Happy Birthday Ash.. :)