Sunday, November 15, 2009

Atte Ke Ladoo

Haven't tried anything significant in the kitchen in the last week.. not been keeping too well.. so here's something from a chit of paper my mom had given me, her all time hit - 'Atte ke ladoo' (So now I can throw away the chit of paper!)

You need:
900 gm wheat flour (preferred - punjabi atta)
500 gms pure ghee
25 gms ilaichis
1 whole jaiphal / nutmeg
Approx 150 gms badam
25 gms khus khus
500 gms powdered sugar

Fry / cook the atta in ghee until brown. (I prefer roasting atta seperately till 3/4th cooked and then frying in ghee. You may need a bit less ghee then..)
Switch off the gas and then add the remaining ingredients (except sugar) and mix well.
When cooled, add powdered sugar and shape into ladoos!


P.S. Mom in law's made some yummy besan ke ladoo this week, with less ghee.. need the take the measurements from her and post it!