Thursday, January 26, 2012

Rich Paneer in corn and peas

Paneer is the evergreen in my family.And its easy to cook too.Paneer has many health benefits too .Paneer is the storehouse of calcium and makes your bones stronger and helps men and women as they age against brittle bones.Including paneer in one’s daily diet helps to give protein required by the body for growth and renewal.

A simple recipe which tastes super freaky awesome and is easy to make

Sliced Paneeer
Chopped Onion
Maggie Hot and Sweet Tomato Ketchup
Garlic paste
Carom seeds(ajwain)
Red chilly powder
Kitchen King Masala
Corn boiled
Green peas boiled
Milk and Cream
Kasuri Methi rosated
Cashews and Dried brown grapes

Fry Onion in Oil.Add garlic paste.Fry till golden.Add carom seeds.Fry a bit.Now blend it in blender to make a paste.Fry this paste again.Add some tomato ketchup.Add salt,turmeric,chilly and Kitchen king Masala.Now add boiled Peas and Corns.let this fry a while.Now add some water and milk.Add the sliced Paneer.Let it boil a bit

Season with dried roasted Kasuri methi.Add Cashews and Dried Gapes and cream.

Serve with paratha/chapati/bread

Souper Soup Time : Broccoli Soup

The word broccoli, from the Italian plural of broccolo, refers to "the flowering top of a cabbage"Broccoli also has health benefits like prevention of heart disease ,cancer and is also proven being rich in Vitamin C.

This is a very easy soup to make and tastes yummy

Chopped onions
Chopped Potatoes
Broccoli chopped
Garlic cloves
Mixed herbs

Mix all ingredients except Milk and Cornflour.Pressure cook till approx 2-3 whilstles.
Now blend everything in blender.Take a pan and put blended mixture in it .Add Milk and Cornflour.Season with herbs .Serve pipping hot

Bon Appetit

Souper Soup -French Onion Soup - A quick approach

Its winter in Mumbai.Time to bid au revoir to the fans and ACs.This is a famous french soup called "Soupe à l'oignon" and is famous all over the world. I tried this simple French onion soup in this weather and it turned out to be fantastic.

Olive oil
Onions thinly sliced
Ginger Garlic paste
Vegetable/Chicken stock
Salt to taste
Very little Brown Sugar
Additional seasoning herbs like thyme,rosemary,basil,oregano

Fry Sliced onions in olive oil.Add Ginger Garlic paste,pepper,brown sugar and salt.Fry till dark brown but not till burnt.

Add vegetable stock once the onion become brown.Add cornflour and let it boil for around half an hour.Keep stirring in between to avoid lumps.Once the miture boils well add croutons and cheeses on the top.

Cook till cheese melts.Serve hot.Add herbs for additional seasoning

Bon Appétit

Winter special Wheat Flour ladoos

1 kg wheat flour - roasted
400 gms pure ghee (I used home made ghee)
300-400 gms jaggery (or as per requirement)
8-10 cardamom - ground
50 gms poppy seeds (khus khus) (lightly roasted)
Gond (gum resin) - roasted & powdered
1 cup almonds - powdered
1 tbsp methi/ fenugreek seends - roasted and powdered
Dry ginger (Sounth) - powdered
3-4 (chwara) dry dates - deseeded & ground/chopped
1/2 jaifal - powdered

Heat ghee in a big vessel. Mix the atta in the ghee, let it heat evenly.
Then all all the remaining ingredients. Turn off gas and add jaifal. Then add grated jaggery while it is hot.
The ladoos will have to be made while still warm, so that the jaggery is melted and distributed evenly.
Very healthy & tasty! Enjoyed by my 1 1/2 yr old baby too :)

Ladoo - Oat & Wheat Flour

1/4 kg oats - ground to flour & roasted
1 kg - coarse wheat flour - roasted
1/2 kg pure ghee
10-12 cardamoms powdered
1 cup powdered - almonds, pistas and walnuts
1/4 to 1/2 kg jaggery