Thursday, January 26, 2012

Winter special Wheat Flour ladoos

1 kg wheat flour - roasted
400 gms pure ghee (I used home made ghee)
300-400 gms jaggery (or as per requirement)
8-10 cardamom - ground
50 gms poppy seeds (khus khus) (lightly roasted)
Gond (gum resin) - roasted & powdered
1 cup almonds - powdered
1 tbsp methi/ fenugreek seends - roasted and powdered
Dry ginger (Sounth) - powdered
3-4 (chwara) dry dates - deseeded & ground/chopped
1/2 jaifal - powdered

Heat ghee in a big vessel. Mix the atta in the ghee, let it heat evenly.
Then all all the remaining ingredients. Turn off gas and add jaifal. Then add grated jaggery while it is hot.
The ladoos will have to be made while still warm, so that the jaggery is melted and distributed evenly.
Very healthy & tasty! Enjoyed by my 1 1/2 yr old baby too :)

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