Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fun with Cornflakes-Health recipes

Cornflakes as we know are the best kind of food which we can go for low cal food.
Some easy recipes for cornflakes

1)Mix dried raisins,almonds,walnuts,apricots,pitachios in cornflakes.Add cold milk n serve

2)Mix cornflakes with cut fresh strawberries,apples,peaches,kiwi basically any fruits you like and add cold milk

3)Mix cornflakes with boiled carrots, ,olives,babycorn.Add salt and pepper.

4) Add Cornflakes to oatmeal Porridge.Add nutmeg

5)Add Sweetcorn,corn,babycorn,chat masala,red chilly powder,salt and lemon juice .Add cornflakes.Top up with haldirams moong dal

6)Add some curd/yogurt..mix well and give a tadka of mustard,jeera and curry leaves

On having a pani puri

The excitement begins since the moment we are given plates to eat.This is just any other roadside stall where I have been with my 5 more foodie friends.But we have been eating here since we were very little.We all stand there with plates in our hands.My hearbeats start increasing as one by one we get one ‘puri’ each.It is filled with cooked white peas, tamarind chutney and a spicy warm liquid made of jeera ,chilly and black salt.As we all get the puri..our tastebuds rejoice.The sweet,tangy,spicy,salty,warm crunchy,crisp hits us.

Again and again we are served a more puris if it’s a marathon.We all savour each and every puri..Finally the last puri comes..we all eat a little slow .as it is the last puri :-(..We still relish it..enjoy it ..but it hurts a bit because that’s the end of our pani puri marathon…Now we are just looking forward to only one last thing “the Masala Puri”

After we all had our six puris each..we get the last masala is a dry puri with the white peas,salt,chat masala and some dry sev..We relish it..we have almost reached “Gastronomic Nirvana”

We make the payment and with a heavy heart..walk home.But we ll soon come again for another plate of Pani Puri