Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Carrot, Tomato and Beet root soup

Pressure cooked 2-3 tomatoes, 1 beetroot and 1 small carrot with 2-3 pepper corns
Blended when cooled, and boiled before serving

Salads & dressings this week

Use any combination of
Iceberg Lettuce
Spinach - blanched and cooled
A tbsp of soaked daliya (broken wheat)

Use them chopped thickly, finely or grated
I always add pepper, italian herbs and salt (salt only while serving)

For dressings, here's what I used:
1. low fat mayo, lime juice and olive oil
2. lime juice and olive oil
3. Heat some olive oil and lightly fry some garlic in it

Tip: If you have left over or extra salad, make a brown bread mayo salad sandwich

Kiwi mocktail

Crush 2 kiwis in a blender
To it add sugar syrup, some 1/2 cup water and 1 cup sprite or seven up

Ready to serve!!

Ladoo - with badam, kharik and gond

Roast 1 cup powdered oats & 5-6 cups wheat flour
Grind seperately 1 cup almonds, 8-10 deseeded kharik (dry dates)
Fry 2-3 tbsp of gond in ghee till it pops

Then to the flours add ghee (I take as per judgement) and roast till nice brown and almost done.
Add the powdered almonds, kharik and mix well.
When turning off the gas, add some jaiphal powder and cardamom powder.

While still hot, at grated jaggery and bind while warm

If you use jaggery, you need less ghee compared to if you use powdered sugar, and its healthy too

Baby Food - Nachni porridge

Dry Roast 2-3 spoons of nachni flour
Add 1 cup milk and boil
To it, add a paste of a date and a dry fig (soaked in little milk for an hour or so)
Add jaggery to taste, mix well and serve.

Tip: I turned of the gas when adding jaggery, cos of the tendency of milk to curdle