Monday, October 15, 2012

Mocha Cake and Vanilla Cupcakes

The recipe is the same as for Victoria Sponge Cake
Just divided the batter into 2 parts, used half for making 6 cup cakes.
In the other half, added a syrup made with water, 1 tsp coffee powder and 1 tsp strong cocoa powder

Baked as usual, and browned the cup cakes for the brown colour to the top. (Got distracted with my kid,  and overbrowned a few!!)
Nevertheless, yummmm :)

Moong Dal Atta Ladoos

Simple to make, though I didn't fancy the flavour much, as compared to besan or atta ladoos
1/2 kg moong atta
1/4 kg besan
1-2 cups oats atta
Dry roast the above
Then add ghee as we do in normal ladoos, and roast. When done, turn off the gas and add some cardamom powder to taste and a pinch of jaiphal powder.
Cool and add powdered sugar as per taste.
Bind into ladoos :)