Saturday, September 25, 2010

Butter Chicken with Kasoori Methi

My Favorite Recipe from Childhood Days.Once Mum's Kitty Party Friend had made it around 15-20 years ago and since then is a famous one in my household

Boiled Boneless Chicken
Chopped Onions
Tomatoe Puree
Chicken Stock
Chicken curry Masala
Red Chilly Powder
Kasoori Methi

Fry Onions in Oil in a Kadhai.Add the Ginger Garlic Paste.Now add Chicken Masala.Normally these Everest/Badshah have good Chicken Gravy Masalas.Pick anyone of your choice.Mix well.Red Chilly Powder.Once the Onions are brown, mix all very well in a blender.Add little water if you want.

Next add Tomato Puree.Let it cook well.Add the Boiled Boneless Chicken.Add Milk and Cream.Finally Add the Chicken Stock and Kasoori Methi.Add Salt as per taste.
Serve Hot with Parathas:)

Chef's Tip:Additionally you can Add Cashew paste to make gravy thicker and tastier

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Restaurant Recommendations- From Singapore with Love

Singapore has almost become second Home for me. It’s a Modern and Happening City with a wonderful nightlife,superb brands to shop, warm and friendly people and fantastic places to eat There are some Restaurants you shouldn’t miss from Singapore

1)Crystal Jade: Authentic Chinese/Cantonese Cuisine
The Food and Ambience is Mind blowing.This is a Chain of Restauarants spread all over Singapore and serve authentic Chinese food.I never used to like the Chinese food that restaurants in India serve.But the kind of food they serve here changed my psysche about Chinese food. Don’t Miss the Dimsums.I tried both the Pork and the vegeterian ones.The Noodles and Fried rice were superb too.The starers were great although I don’t remember the Chinese names.Most important,they serve fantastic Chinese tea to sip in between meals. I tried eating with Chopsticks and believe me it was fun.The Chinese staff was happy to see an Indian woman like me savouring the cuisine the traditional way

2)Thai Express:Thai Cuisine
I go to this place each time I go to Singapore.The food is very nice. Right from Tom Yum Soup,Fried Prawns,Phad Thai(traditional Noodles),to Thai Curry and Rice the food rocks.Also,don’t miss the Tender Coconut Water which they serve with the Coconut itself.The taste is a little different from what we get in Bombay or Goa

3)Original Sin: at Holland Village. Mediteraanean Cuisine
This one is for all the is located in the quiet and yet posh area of Holland Village.Among the very few Restauarnts serving vegetarian food They have Greek ,Italian and other typical Mediterrrainean Food. I tried the Pumpkin Soup,Vege Platterr and Risoto.Also they serve greek dips like Tchachiki etc You can always ask the staff to describe the contenst of all food and then chose what you want as per your specifications

4)Marakkesh ,at Clarke Quay ,Moroccan and Arabic Cuisine
It’s a Moroccan Lounge bar at one of the most happening locations,Clarke Quay.The Ambience makes you feel you are in the Middle East.They have Arabic style seating and also have swinging seats.Also they play the Arabic Music in background and there are Sheeshas and Hookas all over too. The Platter which we ordered was nice.We ordered for 3 dips hummus,moutabel and Zaalouk, some falafel type tikkis and some Pita bread The food was good,so many new things.I don’t remember the exact names but you can always ask the staff to serve you authentic food as per your choice

5)Tratorria : at Orchard Road , Italian Cuisine
This one has the traditional Italian food and since Italian food is my personal favourite I had everything in the course from Soup,Starters,Salads,Main Course of Lasagna and Tiramisu. Its straight Italian food and superbly tasty

6)Komalas,at Little India, South Indian Cuisine
This one will be very useful for you once you are tired of eating the Chinese,thai,Italian blah blah. The restaurant is located in little India Area very close to the famous Mustafa Shopping Centre and is the low priced high quality South Indian food place.You get everything from Dosas,Idlis,uthappa .I guess I need not recommend what to eat as all the food is equally great.

7)The Soup Spoon, at Raffles Place, Soups ,Dips, Sandwiches and Salads
It’s a restaurant specilising in soups, and delis.It has outlets all over Singapore but I have been to the only place in Raffles Place.Raffles Place is the Office are and everyone is looking for quick bites here. Though its soup, one set meal will make u really full. The mushroom soup is thick and the best.Tomato soup and Pumpkin soup are next..Also they have good sandwiches and wraps.Try the Sandwich in Focacia bread.One of the best things to try is the Caeser Salad which is one of the best I had till date.I also tried the Ice tea which was good too

Prawns in Okhra Gravy South Indian Style(Courtsey:Masterchef Australia)

I have off late been addicted to Masterchef Australia on StarWorld big time.I love the way they make those dishes and also the way they give small tips.
Last week when famous chef Kumar Mahadevan gave this recipe,I really found it interesting.I have not yet tried,but it looks so intesting ,that I thought I should record it somewhere before I forget and share with all of you.

Grated Coconut
Chopped Onion
Chopped Tomato
Mustard,Cumin,Fenugreek and Dhaniya Seeds
Red Chilly powder
Turmeric Powder
Chana Dal Roasted
Curry Leaves

Heat oil in a Pan.Add Mustard,Cumin and Fenugreek.Now add Chopped Onions.Add Dhaniya Powder ,Red Chilly Powder Turmeric and the Okhras (Ladyfingers) with its top chopped.Let tehm Fry well.Once fried ,remove the Okhras.
Now add Tomatoes,Green chilly and Water.Add the Prawns now.Add Curry Leaves and let it Simmer a while.
Separately mix grated coconut and roasted chana dal in a mixer,add water and make a paste and add it to the above.Re add Okhras and Serve hot

(Courtsey:Masterchef Australia)

Celebration Time

We had so many reasons to celebrate as September witnesses 3 Le-Bouffe Member Birthdays..

It was Palak,Monica and Suzanne's Birthdays..
Monica actually baked a Cake for Suzaane and we got some Yummy Cakes for Palak and Monica as well.
We at Le-bouffe Team wish that all the 3 gals ..fondly called as Mini,Mo and Sue have superb year ahead .May God fulfill all their desires and give them a long and beautiful life..
Please join me in wishing them a wonderful wish fulfilling year ahead !!
Time to Raise some Toast..

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cabbage in Tomato Base

I am not particularly fond of Cabbage.But this is something Novel and interesting
Also, Cabbage is an excellent source of vitamin C. It also contains significant amounts of glutamine, an amino acid that has anti-inflammatory properties.

I wanted to make something Mexican..But realized I had no Bell Peppers or Jalapenos or chilly flakes.So decided to make Indian and was happy that this turned out to be nice.Everyone in office seemed to like it too


Tomato Ketchup
Ginger Garlic Paste
Chopped Corriander
Kitchen King Masala
Red Chilly Powder

Toss oil in a Pan/Kadhai.Add tomato ketchup to form gravy base.Add ginger garlic paste and let this cook for a while.Add Kitchen King masala,chilly powder and Turmeric.
Now add half -boiled Chopped Cabbage
Add Vermicelli and let it cook for a while
Season with Milk and cream and Corriander leaves
Serve With Roti/ Jeera Rice

Chefs Tips:
Cabbage if not cooked well may give a peculiar smell.See to it that when you half boil, add a little bit of salt and pepper
It hardly takes 7-8 mins to cook.Its good to cook when you are in a hurry and have to rush to work or When you have least ingredients at home
I have not added salt to the gravy as Ketchup already has salt in it.You can add depending on your choice
You can Substitute boiled cabbage with Boiled Sweet corn or Baby Corn or Even Half Boiled Mushrooms
Never tried it with Boiled Chicken though. but guess that should be tasty too

Bon App├ętit

Monday, September 20, 2010

Modified Caesar Salad

I had Caesar Salad in Singapore when my sister introduced it to me and since then have become a huge fan .I tried again after coming in India and then tried my hands at making it. Now even have got my family and friends addicted to it
The salad's creation is generally attributed to restaurateur Caesar Cardini (an Italian-born Mexican). Most times they add bacon, parmesan cheese and anchovies which I have dropped I this recipe
I have modified it with my own creativity and more specifically with all the available vegetables


Iceberg Lettuce
Romaine Lettuce
Bread Cut into small square Pieces
Cherry Tomatoes
Boiled Eggs
Mustard sauce
Olive Oil
Herbs like Parsley,Oregano,Basil,Thyme

Take a huge bowl.Tear both Iceberg and Romaine Lettuce with your hands(do not cut as they turn black if they contact a knife).Take a huge Bowl and layer the Lettuce,olives and Cherry tomatoes one after the other.Put a little bit olive Oil and Vinegar mixed with salt, pepper and herbs.Toss the salad.Now put a little mustard sauce and toss it again.
For the Croutons.Toss some olive oil in a pan.Add the garlic and herbs.Now add Bread crumbs.
Alternatively if you are calorie conscious.Just roast the bread pieces in oven.Rub Garlic against it and add herbs
Put Croutons over the salad.Garnish with boiled eggs slices and add the herbs
Serve in a bowl.

As they say.Caesar Salad goes very well with the finest wines.
Here too I didn’t go by the conventionl norms of serving with sparkling white wine. Instead clubbed it with my personal favorite Pinot Noir from Burgundy

So Enjoy!!

Bon Appetit