Monday, September 20, 2010

Modified Caesar Salad

I had Caesar Salad in Singapore when my sister introduced it to me and since then have become a huge fan .I tried again after coming in India and then tried my hands at making it. Now even have got my family and friends addicted to it
The salad's creation is generally attributed to restaurateur Caesar Cardini (an Italian-born Mexican). Most times they add bacon, parmesan cheese and anchovies which I have dropped I this recipe
I have modified it with my own creativity and more specifically with all the available vegetables


Iceberg Lettuce
Romaine Lettuce
Bread Cut into small square Pieces
Cherry Tomatoes
Boiled Eggs
Mustard sauce
Olive Oil
Herbs like Parsley,Oregano,Basil,Thyme

Take a huge bowl.Tear both Iceberg and Romaine Lettuce with your hands(do not cut as they turn black if they contact a knife).Take a huge Bowl and layer the Lettuce,olives and Cherry tomatoes one after the other.Put a little bit olive Oil and Vinegar mixed with salt, pepper and herbs.Toss the salad.Now put a little mustard sauce and toss it again.
For the Croutons.Toss some olive oil in a pan.Add the garlic and herbs.Now add Bread crumbs.
Alternatively if you are calorie conscious.Just roast the bread pieces in oven.Rub Garlic against it and add herbs
Put Croutons over the salad.Garnish with boiled eggs slices and add the herbs
Serve in a bowl.

As they say.Caesar Salad goes very well with the finest wines.
Here too I didn’t go by the conventionl norms of serving with sparkling white wine. Instead clubbed it with my personal favorite Pinot Noir from Burgundy

So Enjoy!!

Bon Appetit

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