Friday, January 22, 2010

Bon Appetit..the way we Indians say that

Till date we always have been saying Bon Appetit,before we begin.When I was a kid my grandpa taught me a certain chant to say before one begins their food .It has much Similar implications of Bon Appetit but much deeper meaning and much higher emphasis on food as a part of god:)
We used to always say it when we were kids.Gradually with quick lifestyle,we lost teh emphasis.But still during Ganesh Chaturthi , Weddings an Functions it is still chanted and is considered very auspicious.

It goes this way
"Vadani kaval gheta nam ghya shree hariche.
Sahaj havan hote, nam gheta phukache
Jeevan kari jivitva anna he poornabrahma
Udarbharan nohe janije yadnya karma"
Jai Jai Raghuvir Samarth

Meaning is as follows(I am not sure of the exact meaning,but tried to apply my own and also have seeked some research on this.Please forgive me if i have said anything wrong)

While taking a mouthful of food, chant the name of God
The food is easily offered as a offering to god when his name is said
The food gives life to us as it is completes God Principle
Having food is not just filling the stomach but is a type of fire-sacrifice (Yajna)


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mushroom Masala (dry)

This was specially on Kanchan's request as she loved it a lot:))This too is my Mum's recipe since my Dad and me are perpetual fans of mushrooms.
Here it goes Kanchi.. for you

Chopped Onion
Chopped Mushrooms
Coriander leaves
Grated coconut
Red chilly paste (dry)
Garam Masala
Ginger garlic paste
Salt to taste

Fry the Onions in oil in a Kadhai till golden brown.Add Ginger Garlic paste,Red chilly paste and Turmeric.Now add chopped Mushrooms.Add Garam Masala and let it cook for a while.Once its well cooked add chopped dhaniya leaves and coconut.Add salt as per taste

Its ready to serve

Bon Appétit

Restaurant Recommendation-Indigo Cafe

I had been to this place around a month ago actually because of the hype and found out that the place is very much up to its expectations.Located in Andheri near Lokhandwala Complex ,It has a prime location and is one of the places where you would bump into the celebrities..the local ones of course(so chances of bumping into Hugh Grant or Mel Gibson is just meager)
As we reached there we found the tables well kept beautifully and decorated with white lilys .They served Food & Beverages in very good dinnerware and Stemware

Firstly we had special white wine with chopped apples in it.Basically the concept of mixing anything with white wine will hurt any Frenchman or Wine Connoisseur for that matter,but surprisingly it turned out to be simply mind blowing

We tried the roasted Mushroom with goat cheese and pine nuts as a starter which was simply amazing.The Pine nuts were so tasty as if from Mediterranean Region just picked up a few minutes ago.We also had a fish starter which was great too
The Main course was decently good wherein we tried Chicken and Fish varieties,from which I would recommend the lobster which my friend had as it was much tastier than the chicken which i had ordered.

The Dessert was the best just like a love story with an happy ending:).We took a Tiramisu and a Molten Chocolate Cake which pampered our tastebuds.
The food was tasty ,differenta nd had a taste of its own.The Ambience was Semi formal ,relaxed (it being a Sunday) and very very classy
Good place to go with your partner or for a small afternoon lunch with close friends and ideally also to give your parents a surprise on their Anniversary
I would definitely recommend this place..

Bon Appétit

Quick Sandwich

This is a wonderful and super tasty sandwich which usually my mom makes for breakfast.
Cheese Slice
Fresh olives
Finely chopped bell peppers
Red chilly powder(dry)

Put the cheese slice in bread.Add Oi lives and chopped bell peppers.Sprinkle red chilly powder.
Apply butter on the outer edges of the bread and grill it
Now grill the bread and fillings.Serve hot with Tomato Ketchup

Bon Appétit