Friday, January 22, 2010

Bon Appetit..the way we Indians say that

Till date we always have been saying Bon Appetit,before we begin.When I was a kid my grandpa taught me a certain chant to say before one begins their food .It has much Similar implications of Bon Appetit but much deeper meaning and much higher emphasis on food as a part of god:)
We used to always say it when we were kids.Gradually with quick lifestyle,we lost teh emphasis.But still during Ganesh Chaturthi , Weddings an Functions it is still chanted and is considered very auspicious.

It goes this way
"Vadani kaval gheta nam ghya shree hariche.
Sahaj havan hote, nam gheta phukache
Jeevan kari jivitva anna he poornabrahma
Udarbharan nohe janije yadnya karma"
Jai Jai Raghuvir Samarth

Meaning is as follows(I am not sure of the exact meaning,but tried to apply my own and also have seeked some research on this.Please forgive me if i have said anything wrong)

While taking a mouthful of food, chant the name of God
The food is easily offered as a offering to god when his name is said
The food gives life to us as it is completes God Principle
Having food is not just filling the stomach but is a type of fire-sacrifice (Yajna)



  1. Thats a well written article, I enjoyed reading it. Yeah I agree with you...we hardly notice event he food soemtimes, most of us just sink in front of the tv...

    And Indian way of saying 'Bon Appetit' is very touchy:)Enjoyed knowing the real meaning behind the manthra...makes sense afterall:)

  2. Reply from kaustubh =>

    It's 4 lines shlok written by Saint Ramadas (means Devotee of Ram)

    1st line: importance of shree hari who/which is ultimate truth.
    2nd line: I don't know what 'puka' means. I guess it's about Lord Shiva. Food is easily digested by taking his name.
    3rd line: Food that we eat is full aspect/creation of bramha. (Arguable Line) Jivitva is subtle body which can't be seen through physical eyes, but only by being introvert. Food gives ability to Jivitva to produce life energy which we used daily in good work.
    4th line: Fire-sacrifice in nature is analogous to act of eating food. Food is digested with fire element inside body/stomach. And brings out energy to good work daily.

    finally: Jai Jai Raghuvir Samarth => I think Ravghuvir means Omnipotent Ramchandra (Hari itself), saint Ramadas is referring to. Hail to Raghuvir Samartha

    Overall it signifies power of Hari, Bramha and Shiva in regards to Food (Anna in shlok).

    I recommend to search deep/accurate meaning of 'anna' in shlok. Generally we mean it food.