Sunday, February 28, 2010

Blue Lagoon

It was a long weekend and my Didi and Jijaji had come over..I decided to make this suave looking drink for the evening.Its on the lines of Martini but its non alcoholic cousin

Blue Curacao Syrup
Tender Coconut Water
Coconut cream
Mint leaves
Tinge of lemon
Green grapes(instead of the olives)

Mix all the ingredients except the grapes in the blender.
Take a martini glass and put the blended mocktail.Add 1 grape to each glass..Serve chilled

Chef's Tips
1)Before you pour the drink in the glass, put lot of salt in a tray/plate.Wet the upper rim of the glass in water.Now turn the glass upside down and put salt on the upper most edge by dipping the glass in the salt
2)Never put Ice in this type of drinks.Just crush it and blend it well.
3)Its better if you chill the martini glasses too
4)Traditionally ,Martini consists of Olives.We are putting grapes instead to give it a chic look and the taste goes very well too


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  1. such a refreshing drink...looks so soothing..