Saturday, July 31, 2010

Post delivery recipes :)

Thanks Ash! That was the reason I had reduced my online activity. They say its not good to spend too much time on the comp during pregnancy :)
Baby's doing good, and I'm well too, thats why I'm blogging away while the baby's just 15 days.
Some quick recipes I need to document -


To grind
1 kaju
1 badam
1 apricot
1 sauth / dry ginger
1 chwara / dry dates
1/2 tsp charoli
1/2 tsp ajwain
5-6 brown raisins

1 tbsp dry khopra powdered
1 pinch haldi
ghee for tempering
1 tbsp atta
1/2 tsp jeera

Grind all in 1 cup water. Leave aside for 1/2 hour. Again grind with khopra, haldi and atta to smooth paste. Heat ghee, add jeera and then the paste. Cook for 10 mins and thicken a bit.

Methi Ladu
300 gm methi - roasted and powdered
1/4 k sukha khopra roasted in ghee
750 gms wheat - roasted till pops a bit and ground - not fried in ghee
150 gms almonds fried in ghee
100 gms khus khus
100 gms haleem roasted
100 gms dink / gond fried in ghee
1/4 kg kharik / dry dates - powdered
warm ghee for binding
jaggery to taste - approx. 1 kg

Dry Fruit Powder to have in milk
Almonds - 250 gms - ground
Pista - 250 gms -ground
Saunth powder < 100 gms
Ganthoda / Pipri powder < 100 gms
Gond - fried in ghee <100 gms
Magaztari - roasted to change color <100 gms
Little ghee if needed to mix all

Enjoy :)

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