Saturday, October 2, 2010

Zaalouk and Moutabel

We all are fascinated by the Middle East.Their colorful culture,the big barren desert,Oil fields,Hookas and Sheeshas,Camels,belly dances..blah blah.Very little is known about the food.So I made these lovely Middle Eastern Dishes rather Middle Eastern Dips

Naina and Monica have been preparing lovely Moutabel since months and I love it each time they make it.So today I thought trying my hands at it.I made Moutabel and it turned out to be lovely.I tried another dip called "Zaloouk" which is from Morroco and it turned out to be lovely too.Since we already have Moutabel om the blog I thought of sharing Zaalouk recipe with you all


Olive Oil
Chilly Powder
Salt to taste

Roast/Cook the aubergine and smash it well.Add boiled smashed tomatoes.Add a little tomato Ketchup.Add Crushed ground Garlic.Add some Red Chilly powder and Chopped Parsley.Finally add olive oil and salt per taste.Smash it in a huge vessel for about 5-10 minutes till it blends well.

Decorate with Olives and Parsley.Serve with Crusty bread

I served both Zaalouk and Moutabel with Garlic breads and they were too yummy

It was kinda great to have 2 dishes of Aubergine made on teh same day both tasting so different yet so nice

Bon Appetit

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