Friday, July 17, 2009

Home Made Hazelnut Frappe

I just love the Hazelnut Frappe at Barista , but its way to pricey to have too often out there, so I decided to try it out at home..

I went looking for some Hazelnut syrup, again, its toooo expensive, so I bought Hazelnuts instead, some 100 Rs for double a plateful..
The pic is 1/2 the quantity of the nuts I bought..
Then I just roasted them, and powdered them in a mixie

Ingredients (for 1 cup):
3/4 Cup milk
1/4 Cup vanilla Icecream
1 tbsp sugar syrup
3/4 tsp coffee powder
2 tsp hazelnut powder

Blend all the ingredients in a mixie / shaker / blender. Strain and serve.
Alternatively, you could extract the milk of hazelnut, as we do for extracting coconut milk, and use that instead. I'll be trying that next, to avoid the powder at the end of the the mug.


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