Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Caffè Mocha

Caffe Mocha essentially is cofee combined with chocolate and milk.There are various ways of making this cofee at different places right from Starbucks to the local CCD.
Both things as such are highly addictive so we thought we can make a simple recipe for this to make it at home
Instant Cofee Powder(Bru /Nescafe)
Coco powder
White chocolate bar/Dark chocolate bar or both
Warm Milk
Whipped Cream(Sweetened)

Put the Coffee powder in the Mug and add very little coco powder.Add sugar and very little(about 1 tablespoon) of boiling water.Stir vigorously .
Take some warm milk and add teh mixtiure.Mix it well in the blender.
Now pour this mixture in the mug.Now grate the chocolate bar in the mixture.Keep this mixture in microwave till chocolate melts
Add whipped cream..

Your Caffè Mocha is ready

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