Monday, February 1, 2010

Lapsi Upma

Woke up hungry Sunday morning, and wanted to have something hot, steaming and spicy.
There was a pouch of Lapsi Rawa (the thicker rawa, used to make porridge) lying around.
So, heated oil in a pan, added mustard seeds, curry leaves, and a chopped green chilli. Then, added a large chopped onion. Cooked till light golden. Then, added turmeric powder, enough water to soak the rawa kept aside, salt to taste, and since I was making 2 servings of the upma, added 2 maggi magic cubes. Then, added the rawa (which was already dry roasted) and covered and cooked untill done. (Kept added a bit of water, till it was done)
As simple as instant noodles! And definitely very healthy. Lapsi rawa is a very good source of calcium too. Perfect breakfast!!

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