Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cream dip

Mom in law made some veg hot dog roll yesterday, trying to replicate something she'd tasted a while ago...

I'd bought the hot dog rolls from the market, we have cheese and hot sauce at home. No one at home is fond of mustard sauce, so that's ruled out.
She make the veg kebabs of gram flour, methi (fenugreek) leaves and lots of spices for seasoning, and deep fried them.. something like Muthiya
What was missing was the mayonnaise... and being a Tuesday (veg day), I couldn't attempt the egg version..
So, made do with whatever I had... (sorry.. forgot to take pics!)
Took a 4 tbsps of fresh cream (really thick), added to it a tbsp of olive oil, a tsp of milk powder (all that was there with me), and whipped it up with a fork! It became nice and creamy. I had to add a little milk as it was too thick. Then added salt to taste, some ground pepper and some crushed dried mint leaves for flavor. In the end, added 2-3 drops of vinegar and mixed it all up. Didn't whip it too hard, cos may be the vinegar could curdle the milk.. not sure..
Using this in the hot dog sandwich made up for the mayonnaise! Yippee.
(Btw - Didn't add sugar, as my hubby hates it in dips, and didn't dare make a dip with hung curd, as he may not like it!)

She then put the sauces (cream dip and hot sauce) in the bread, then the muthiya, and topped it with cheese, and heated it in the microwave for 30 secs, for the cheese to melt and taste lovely!


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