Sunday, February 7, 2010

Blue Fusion Delight

The colour blue has always attracted me.Be it the blue sky,the blue sea or the gem always holds a special place in my heart.It was a lazy Sunday afternoon and i decided to make this simple mocktail.
Blue Curacao Syrup(Mapro's Brand is readily available )
Jaljeera powder(Badshah /Everest)

Add the Blue Curacao syrup.Add to it salt.Add the Jaljeera powder and water(Ideally Curacao to Water should be 1:5 in proportion).Stir well.Else put it in a Shaker and shake well.
Now use a drainer or a soft handkerchief to drain the sediments of Jaljeera.Do not use a tea/coffee drainer ans sediments might not get eliminated.
Freeze in the refrigerator(never deep freeze) and serve in a Pinacolada glass

The reason why named it as Fusion was it takes both the Indian and Caribbean Flavors and merges so well that you get an amazing flavour.

Jaljeera("Jal" means water and "Jeera" means cumin)is ideally a Indian drink used as a digestive,appetizer as well as a coolant especially in Summer considering the tropical Climate of India..One of the main ingredients is black salt or rock salt which acts as a digestive

Blue Curaçao is a classic, sweet and slightly bitter syrup originally made with the dried peel of oranges or dried peel of the laraha citrus fruit, grown on the island of Curaçao a Caribbean island.The syrup is traditionally used to impart a hint of Caribbean blue color in several cocktails.Most Curacaos which we get in India use the Syrup of Sweet lime and Orange Combined with artificial colorants to give the blue colour.

So ideally now when climate has started getting warmer its great to have this drink..Enjoy


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  1. Wow... nice one!.. I've never heard of Curacao.. thank you for the information:).. blue color is really different and attractive!