Sunday, June 21, 2009

Restaurant Recommendation - Just around the corner

I guess in a city like mumbai you hardly find anyone who aint a foodie.We all are foodies and thats the reason we came together to write this out.One of the best features of this blog is going to be recommended restaurants in Mumbai.We would recommend you once a while about every restaurant we know , so that all you have a ready reckoner with you

Pick of the time: Just around the corner

Location: Bandra (W), Mumbai

Located in the Suburb of Bandra in Mumbai this place is easy to access even for a non bandraite.What drives us towards this place is its versatality.We get best of salads from all over.It is a must for the health concious and the choosy.We can get a pleothra of salads along with some good soups and having something called as 'Soup of the Day'.Additionally they also serve amazing continental food including sandwiches pizzas,burgers,desserts and beverages

The ambience is a typical modern urban American one with Hollywood stars occupying the walls.

They have a self serveice menu facility wherein you can take as much as you want for one serving and pay in the end at the cashier

In short this place is value for money.Good for families,Friends and even for taking your date out:)

Highly recommended for lovers of continental food and health concious

So enjoy!!

Bon Appetit


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