Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tortilla de patatas

Better known as Spanish omelette ,Tortilla de patatas is a quick n super tasty dish often mistaken for pizza by its looks:)

2 onions slices
2potatos sliced
Oilve oil
Salt as per taste
Additionally 1-2 slices of bell pepper s/tomatoes/mushrooms
2-3 raw beaten Eggs

Fry Onions +potatoes in olive oil.Fry till light brown.Remove them from oil and put them over tissue paper to soak of excess oil.
Separately keep raw beaten eggs and mix the above with it.Incase you want, put chopped bell peppers n tomatoes over it

Now take a pan,put some oil over it.Put the Egg mixture over it and fry
first on one side.Now toss it on a plate and flip it again over the pan to cook the other side

Its ready to serve now.Enjoy with tomato ketchup.
N yes dont forget to turn some Spanish music in background when u eat this

Chef's tip:
-Can be eaten with a bread as well.In Spain the tradition is to eat with a typical crusty bread
-Can put some cheese over it (grated) n allowed to melt

So Enjoy

Bon Appetit

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