Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Thai Curry

This is the easiest Recipe of Thai curry.Quick n easy to prepare


Vegetables as per your choice.
Recommended ones
Bell Peppers 1 each of 3 colours,yellow,red,green
1 packet mushrooms
1packet baby corn
1/2 brocolli
1/2 ginger
1/2 Galangal if available(Galangal also known as Siamese Ginger, this root is an important ingredient in Thai cuisine) Lemon Grass leaves about 5-6 chopped
Coconut milk
Red chilly paste
2 spoon lemon juice

Chop all the vegetables finely
Put oil in a deep pan,let it get heated.
Add all finely chopped vegetables,saute them till cooked.
Add salt n red chilly paste(as per preference)
Cook it for some time.

In a grinder put the lemon grass ,ginger,galangal and alittle warm water.Blend it well till you get good juice
Now separate the juice from the remaining galangal ,ginger.Add the juice to cooked vegetables.
Add lemon juice

Lastly add the coconut milk..
Serve with steaming rice.

[Chef'sTip:You can substitute Red chilly paste with green chilly paste]

Bon Appetit

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