Friday, August 7, 2009

Eggless Black Forest Cake

Here's how the Black Forest Cake turned out..

Took my Eggless Choclate Sponge Cake and sliced it in between..

Then, took a pack of instant whipped cream available in the market and followed the instructions on the packet.. (For the writing on the cake, made a cone with a milk packet.. and filled it with the whipped cream).. only the cream turned out a little thin.. but good for a start I guess
For the chocolate flakes, grated our normal choclate available in the grocery shops.

And it turned out to be a nice Birthday treat!!



  1. wah wah naina...i m proud of u!!

  2. waaaaaaaaaaaah......tooooo good Nainaaaaaaa!!!! looks yummmmmm!!!! ... :):)....