Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Eggless Choclate Cake

I'm really excited about this one.. My first two cakes were with small quantities, and trial versions.. Here's a real one.. (The pic's a little funny, coz I've covered the cake in cling-wrap)

This is just an adaptation of the Eggless Milkmaid Cake Recipe.
I just added 3-4 tbsps of cocoa powder to the maida while mixing it with baking soda and baking powder.. The batter filled up 3/4th of the dish, and I baked it for 40 mins. And yes, I've made it with the full quantities of the original recipe :)

The fun part for me and my mom in law was when we were staring into the microwave, and the cake started to rise beyond the brim.. (but the batter didn't fall off the dish :))
I feared it'd flop.. but how could it.. after all.. its for my husband's B'day.. I'm planning to covert this into a Black Forest Cake on his B'day.. (but without cherries.. no cherries in the market..) Lets hope it works well.. Wish me luck !!

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