Monday, August 31, 2009

Prawns Biryani!!! (Long awaited)

Posting a recipe after reallyy long time. This one is my family and friends all time favorite. My friends say that the biryani tastes better than Lucky's..( a huge compliment).
I first make the gravy and rice separately and then layer it.

Ingredients for the Gravy:
4-5 medium finely chopped onions
2 medium potatoes chopped
Prawns (1-2 portions approx 200gms)(if the prawns are little less but cant resist making the biryani just increase the onion quantity)
1-2teasp Chilly powder
½ teasp Turmeric powder
2 teasp Garam masala powder(meat masala also would taste good)
2-3 tomatoes
Coriander leaves
1 green chilly (less spicy)
2-3 teasp dhana jeera powder
1tabls oil
4-5 Trifala
5-6 kokam
4-5 pods of garlic


Heat the oil in a vessel, add Trifala (if you don’t have..dont can skip this, but its good for digestion and it aids removal of undesirable fat in the body) let it crackle and add chopped onion and potatoes. Sauté them till golden. Add turmeric and chilly powder and kokam. Grind tomatoes with garlic, coriander leaves, and green chilly. Add this mixture in the vessel and let it cook till oil appears on the surface. Add prawns ( we put the prawns towards the end so that they remain soft and tender or otherwise they turn really hard as they get cooked really fast) and gram masala powder as well as dhana jeera powder. After all the ingredients have been properly mixed add water (depending on the consistency that you want) cover and cook till done.

Ingredients for the rice:

5-6 cups of basmati rice
Coriander leaves
4-5 pods of garlic
½ inch ginger
1 green chilly
Kada masala like bay leaves, cloves, full pepper, full cardimum, kaaju (optional)
2 medium onions sliced
1 lemon juice


Wash the rice and drain all the water add lemon juice and keep it aside.Heat the oil in a big vessel ( the layering of the biryani has to be done in this)
Add all the khada masala excluding kaaju. After it starts cracling add onion and fry till golden brown. Grind coriander, ginger garlic and green chilly together and add it, fry it a little add kaaju. Add rice and hot water according to the quantity.


After the rice is cooked, remove almost ¾ rice in a plate. Place a layer of the prawns gravy . Put a layer of rice so on till all the rice and gravy is done with.
For seasoning you can also fry the onions golden brown and add it after the last layer is placed.

For veggies:
You can make a very delicious mix veg gravy and layer it with the masala rice.

Guten Appetit!

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