Thursday, September 17, 2009

Breakfast sent by Aunt - Doodhi Bites

This is something my mom in law's sis made sometime back and sent it to us..
I really dont know the recipe, but its made of grated bottle gourd (lauki / doodhi), besan and lots of spices, ginger-garlic paste and chillies. Its quite a thick dough, something like a wet roti dough. She rolled it into a cylindrical shape (the way we do for patra), and steamed it. Then we cut into thin slices and shallow fried with some mustard seeds and hing!
Something very different, and it was very tasty


  1. yes, this is doodhi na muthiya,After slicing it in small pieces, it is tempered in oil,mustard seeds,hing,curry leaves and green chillies and garnished with coriander and grated coconut. It tastes best with green coriander n mint chutney.