Thursday, August 27, 2009

Egg cup

Mom in law saw it on a cookery show a while ago.. Made it quite sometime back.. but I haven't posted it!

The pic's not too great... (I always click with my cell phone)

Basically, just take 2 eggs, beat them and add salt.
Then, for the sutffing… make a mixture of your choice, like onions, tomatoes, chillies, cheese. Add seasonings of your choice and keep this aside.
We took a bagharia (the round cup type vessel we use to temper the dals)..
Put half of the beaten egg into it, once it is semi cooked, remove it.
Put the remaining half of the beaten egg in the bagharia, and once this one sets, put in the stuffing, and semi cooked 1st egg on top of it.
Let it set, and your 'egg cup' is ready to eat..
Made it just once, so welcome to suggestions!
Also, may turn out better in the microwave.. will try next time


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