Monday, August 24, 2009

Strawberry Oats Pudding

Made this last weekend.. not bad.. in fact quite good if you don't mind the stickyness of oats..


300 ml milk

2 sachets of strawberry oats (I used the quacker brand) (you could also use the normal oats, and add cardamom or kesar or any syrup for the flavour)

1 tbsp corn flour

sugar to taste

I roasted the oats a bit, and turned them in the mixie to a fine powder.

Then, mixed the corn fl0ur in 1-2 spoons of milk and kept it aside.

Heated the remaining milk, added sugar. Then added the oats powder and cornflour paste. Kept stirring till it thickened.

Let it cool, and a yummy healthy dessert is ready!!


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  1. Hey I got a ton of oats hanging around. Will try it for breakfast tomorrow.