Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Green Moong Dosa….

Dosas have always been a favorite breakfast, so here is a quicky type of *yummy*

“low calorie”, yet tasty Dosa!!!! …

Green Moong Dosa….

You need:

1 cup Moong (green)

1/2 cup Udid Dal

2-3 table spoon Rava (only if needed)

An inch of Ginger, Chillies (3green & 2red), Salt to taste


Soak Moong & Udid Dal for at least 5 hours. Grind well with Ginger & Chillies to form a thick batter (not too thick not too watery).. Your batter is ready!!

Note: You should apply little oil on the tava before taking out the dosas ….

also this dosa is a little thicker in nature (not thin like sada dosa) (see in pics)

Tip: Pre adding of salt may result in turning the batter sour if you wanna have it the next day…. So add Salt just when you are making the dosa…

Optional: You can add little Rava in order to make the dosa a little crispy!

You can njoi it with tomato sauce or green chutney or just plain!!!

I’m sure you’ll love it!!


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