Saturday, July 11, 2009

Penne Pasta Polo(Penne Pasta in Chicken)

This was the first ever recipe i cooked or made.It goes back to 2003-04 when i first started kitchen experiments.It took several turns to try and test this one.This is one of the hot favorites among our gals esp mo n naina as well as among my Mom-dad.Didi-Jiju and all my close frds:)


Olive oil(Prefer Extra Virgin)
Onions finely chopped
Ginger garlic paste
Vegetables of your choice mushroom broccoli ,baby corn ,bell pepper,sun dried tomatoes
Boneless chicken boiled
Chili flakes
Italian herbs Oregano,Basil,Rosemary,Thyme,Parsley
Penne pasta
Salt n Pepper to taste

Take a pan put the Extra virgin olive oil let it heat a while
Add chopped onions let them fry till slightly pink.Now add ginger garlic paste n let it cook a while.
Add all the finely chopped veges and chicken.Cook it well and add salt,pepper

Now add chili flakes depending on how spicy u want it.

In another pan mix cornflour water and milk n heat.Add butter.Stir it continuously so that no lumps are made Once it blends add this to the cooked veges n chicken

Now separately in a vessel add penne pasta +water+vegetable oil.Cook till it is soft n edible.Now discard the water and add it to our cooked veges + chicken
Top with the Italian herbs

Finally add cheese and heat till it melts.You can either put in Microwave or even your normal pan

Now it is ready to serve..Serve with garlic bread!!

Chef's Tip:Incase you want to make it in red sauce, add tomato puree to the white sauce ,ade and add it to mixture.Rest all procedure remains same

Bon Appetit

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