Thursday, July 9, 2009

Italian food

It often happens when we reach an Italian restaurant even in Bombay,we are amazed by the menu and do not know what to ask for and in which order.Our second part of Italian cuisine series deals with the various courses of Italian food and in what order it is to be eaten

Italians are very systematic and particular about their food. Usually their food is broken into several courses usually balancing proteins carbohydrates and drinks.Their food is usually broken into 7-8 courses and they relish each n every one.Lets discuss each in brief


Apéritif usually enjoyed as an appetizer before a meal, includes Alcholic drink like Vermouth.


A meal in Italy usually begins with an antipasto (starter), a sort of "warm up" dish before the real meal begins. It includes hot and cold appetizers such as crostini, bruschetta sometimes even typical thincrust pizzas and garlic bread


"First course", usually consists Carbohydrates .Its usually consisting of pasta, minestrone, risotto, or zuppa (soup) or lasagne. It is often served in bowl


"Second course", the main course, usually Meat/Fish often meat, poultry, game, or fish. This is often the bulk of proteins in the food


"Side dish", may consist of a salad or cooked vegetables.

A traditional menu features salad along with the main course vegetables such as melanzane (eggplant), spinaci (spinach), or insalata mista (mixed salad also includes /asparagus/broccoli)

6.Formaggio e frutta

Literally means "cheese and fruits"


Its the “dessert," which includes such favorite sweets as tiramisù, gelato,granitto,bisotti,cheesecakes, crostoli and fritole


Coffee. They have many types of coffees .Italians are known for their varieties of coffees


These are "digestives” Ammazzacaffè, a common Italian custom, especially after a generous meal.


Red wine in the Veneto region such as Cabernet and Merlot is often served as table wine, while white wines like Prosecco and Moscato are more common for dessert wines.

So next time you go to an authentic place don’t forget to taste each n every course in petit portions:)

Bon Appetit


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